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"My Family Is Alot Like Me, That Why I Have My Mom And Dad's Hybrid Hair"

Emmanuela is the Yu's older sister that who was alot like Manny and Metis but even as that happen, She's was very smart about her family and also Emmanuela could use alot of protection in combat even but was used to be an member of the Sabertooth during the time but as also She is Light and Fire hybrid as that happen in duing the Kaijudoa War, Emmanuela is able to duel any of opponents by using her gauntlet in the combat battle

but also Emmanuela can be more likely happy to duel in combat as that when She able to use her gauntlet to duel her opponents She summoned Blitzer-Mech Falkora against Minvera Orlando in the dueling battle combat and as also She been able to cast spells from it while battling but not when She borrowed Orion to defeat Umbral's robots

Emmanuela Info[]

Name: Emmanuela Garcia

State: Florida

Race: Human/Celestial Dragon/Volcano Dragon

Attribute: Kaijudo Dragons

Pervious Attribute: Sabertooth


Civilizations: Light Light.png/Fire Fire.png

Creature: Blitzer-Mech Falkora

Parents: Manny and Metis

Clan: Lugo Clan




Blitzer-Mech Falkora ( parnter )

Orion, Radiant Fury


Emmanuela's Resistance Status[]

Powers and Abitilies[]



Dueling Gauntlet:




( to Yu ) "It Just Duel Exam Sis, You Know They Want Us To Alot Of Dueling Skills When Battle Our Opponents In The Duel...But ONE DAY I GOING TO BE THE BEST KAIJUDO DUELIST IN KUMOGAKURE AND HAVE MY TITLE AS THE KAIJUDO MASTER!"

( to Minevra ) "My Family Is Alot Like Me, That Why I Have My Mom And Dad's Hybrid Hair"