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"That Was Manny's Dream To Be Raikage But I Know He's Will Be One Of Florida's Greatest Raikages For The Entire City That Ever Have And I Very Proud Of Him Just By Doing That"

Master Tiera is the Fairy Duel Master who care about her students of the Fairy clans and even as also She was so much caring about Manny in pastlife and even that happen Tiera always be there for her student's duel matches to cheer him or her on

but even also as that Master Tiera was the mother of Mavis the Fire duelist and as that She's is more likely to teach Kurenai the Fairy student which is her goddaughter to summon Fairy creatures in combat and also Master Tiera was the also the Godmother of Manny and Metis's childen

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( to Kurenai ) "Kureani, You Must Understand As Your Godmother And Your Teacher, I Always Stay By With You No Matter What, That Why I Want To Teach You The Way Of The Fairy Civilization"

( to Isao ) "As His Master But I Will Never Miss One Of His Matches....And Just Hope That The Darkness Army Will Not Stand A Chance To Duel Against Manny In The Rather Way But Also Why We All Care About Him To Be A Hero"