The Manny Centurions: The Rise Of Kaijudo Wiki

after the lead to Darkness Army's defeat, Manny and his Company were in Kaijudoa celebrating to their victory for the defeat of the Darkness Army but all the sudden the new danger is ahead for our heroes and also as that Manny and his Gang must stop the new dangers that try to destory Kaiju realm even but the Monarchs bond with Manny, Aaron, Rio, Thalia and Wendy must face the danger of the Grimiore Army that tries to attack Nature civilization but then Lighta have them to summon Draguner creatures and gave the heroes the Drag Weapons to able defeat this new danger that lies ahead for them and They became Manny Centurions The Rise of Kaijudo...


Main Characters[]

Emmanuel Garcia and ???

Aaron Garcia and ???

Rio Garcia and ???

Thalia Garcia and ???

??? and ???

Zoey Garcia and ???




Hades Monarchson