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"Please Master Punish Me"

Virgo is one of the Celestial Spirits who was found by Yu that will able to defeat Killer Croc alongside with her owner from losing Nikora and as even that also She was the Zodiac Spirit that worked with Enna and Erica but She was hid in the Earth Temple for safe keeping and also as even that Enna hid the Key of the Maiden from the Otogakure attack on the Sun City

even that Virgo was Yu's Zodiac Spirit and also as that said She will be her maid for anything that Yu say to her for doing the job and but Virgo knew that her owner lost Nikora for the first time without saying goodbye and told her She was Yu's birth Zordiac Spirit and always defend her from bullies at school which is Call even but also no one's messing with the Maid in She can beat everybody's butts for the term as that even also She was role as Manny's Maid

Virgo Info[]


Virgo's Resistance Status[]

Civilizations: Nature Nature.png

Boost: Fire Fire.png

Resist: None

Physical Attack: None

Power and Abilities[]







( to Manny ) "Please Master Punish Me"